Pool Construction

Vinyl & Concrete In-Ground Pools​

Vinyl & Concrete In-Ground Pools

Enchanting Pools KC has a pool construction division in which we build in ground fiberglass, concrete and in ground vinyl liner pools.

Our fiberglass Pool product is seamless, sharp looking, low maintenance and comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Our concrete pool product is a wet nozzle shotcrete pool with steel reinforced walls and floor that we can build to be almost any size, shape, or depth. This product is typically for individuals that wish to have a custom pool designed to cater to their needs and wants. This pool is typically coated with plaster. The top edge is lined with tile and the beam is covered with a brick or stone coping. The plaster, tile, and coping come in various colors and designs you for you to select. This pool typically takes several months to build due to concrete curing procedures. Your pool can be very simple and stylish to very complex and aw-inspiring. This is the perfect product for high end custom shoppers.

Our vinyl liner pool is a polymer wall, concrete floored pool with metal coping, plastic steps, & a vinyl liner of your choice. There are many design options and shapes available for you to choose from. There is also an extensive line of steps, benches and built in features for you to customize your pool. Currently they have over 30 vinyl liner designs to choose from. It can be installed within a matter of weeks weather permitting. This pool is chic and affordable, and excellently constructed from high quality materials.

Pool Construction - Framing
Pool Construction - Complete
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